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Tips for Choosing Art for Your Space



The easiest way to select art is to choose pieces that speak to you. Remember you may be seeing this art on a daily basis, so you want to have art that you love.


You could start your focus on the style of art that you like. If you are not sure what style you like, it is a good idea to come to the gallery and just look around at the wide variety of styles we carry. The style of your décor can also dictate the style of art you choose.


Color can be another determining factor. Do you want a soft calming palette, or a bright and bold statement in your artwork? Colors can have an emotional impact. You can use a color palette that will complement the space that your art hangs in.


When trying to determine size, you can map out a space on your wall using blue painters tape. Knowing an approximation of the size will make it that much simpler when shopping for art.


Framing can also change the way a painting looks. A traditional work of art can look more contemporary with sleek modern framing choices, and vice versa. Framing can greatly enhance the look of a painting.


Think Art Gallery encourages you to take our art out on approval to see it in your space and lighting. You will also be able to see if the scale is right for your wall.


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