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8 Reasons to buy an Original Painting

There is a lot to be said about purchasing a piece of one-of-a-kind art.  If you have been buying framed prints, let us give you 8 reasons to consider stopping by Think Art Gallery to pursue an original painting instead. Buying an original painting supports the artist directly.  Artists pour their hearts and souls into their work, […]

Featured Artist Russell Marohnic

Russell Marohnic FLOOK AT ME 28x59 846x443 1

Featured Artists Russell Marohnic is a well-respected and recognized artist in the Southwest who creates contemporary metal artwork in his design studio in Phoenix. Think Art Gallery will be featuring his work at the upcoming Phoenix Home and Garden event, “Masters of the Southwest” which will be held on March 9, 2017, at the Scottsdale […]

Featured Artist – Nancy Ngo

NGO 706A SecondSight1 40x40 fea

Featured Artists Born in Chicago, Ill., and then transplanted to Arizona as a young child, Nancy Ngo grew up learning an appreciation for contrasting landscapes. She developed an eye for the difference in the way light reflects on different terrains in the country. She was fascinated with light and color and started to experiment with […]

Tips for Caring For Your Artwork

MLN Horse 32x44 oc 1 768x560 1

A window into our feelings, thoughts, and the beauty around us is provided by art. Whether you’re an avid decorator of beautiful art or just an art collector, maintaining the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your artwork is essential. The following comprehensive guidance will help you protect your treasured designs: Careful Placement: To prevent fading […]

Featured Artist – Leland Beaman

BEA 312I CaliforniaCattle 24x49 ob 846x410 1

Featured Artists Life, according to artist Leland Beaman is a process, not a series of events. He practices in the joyful strokes of color progressing toward a subject, moving and changing. Accurate detail is acknowledged, appreciated and blurred to enhance the radiance of moving life. Beaman’s artwork includes, Tuscan, Florals, Desert Landscape, Southwest and Western […]

Tips for Choosing Art for Your Space

News ART The easiest way to select art is to choose pieces that speak to you. Remember you may be seeing this art on a daily basis, so you want to have art that you love. STYLE You could start your focus on the style of art that you like. If you are not sure […]

What is a Giclée Print?

bea 1025

Featured Artists Giclée Printing is a fine art reproduction printed on paper or canvas. The term Giclée (g-clay) is derived from the French verb gicleur, meaning to squirt or spray. The Giclée Prints produced at Think Art Gallery are an archival high resolution 12 color printing process. We use UV stable fade resistant pigment based […]

Featured Artist – Claudia Rodriguez

ROD 802C ThroughTheGarden 32x53 mc 2

Claudia Rodriguez explores her painting techniques by using different mediums to find out how they will work together. She says; “Let’s see if they can all play nice”. She uses conventional mediums like acrylic paint and water, as well as paper, canvas charcoal and chalk. She pushes the envelope with anything from iridescent powders and […]

We love this article by Jennifer Okafor which connects Art and mental health

using art therapy mental health US marine corps e1566832802641

Art and Mental Health: Art Therapy, Benefits and Examples BY JENNIFER OKAFOR, BSC · 07·05·19 · LAST UPDATED: 11·04·22 Art and mental health share a close link. In any form, art serves as a tool to turn intangible experiences into something that we can see and touch. Think of Paul Cezanne, who, during his dark […]

Featured Artist Leah Rei

[x_button class=”viewart” shape=”pill” size=”mini” float=”none” href=”” title=”Click here to view Leah Rei’s original artwork.” info=”tooltip” info_place=”bottom” info_trigger=”hover”]VIEW ARTWORK[/x_button] Born in Colorado, Leah moved to Arizona along with her family at a young age. Creativity and craftsmanship were always encouraged and fostered by her family. At an early age her mother taught her how to sew […]