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8 Reasons to buy an Original Painting

There is a lot to be said about purchasing a piece of one-of-a-kind art.  If you have been buying framed prints, let us give you 8 reasons to consider stopping by Think Art Gallery to pursue an original painting instead.

  1. Buying an original painting supports the artist directly.  Artists pour their hearts and souls into their work, and it can be difficult sometimes to make ends meet in such a competitive field.  You should feel good knowing that when you a purchase an original painting at Think Art Gallery that supporting many local artists from Arizona.
  2. Original Paintings have the sense of touch. A print’s surface will never match the textural variations of a painting.  Whether it’s painting on canvas, paper or other mediums, original paintings have a touchable quality that set them apart.REI 701F StandingWithYou 40x60 mc
  3. Original Paintings are One-of-a-Kind.  It is rewarding to know your painting is the only one.
  4. Original Paintings are handmade. This quality brings richness and personality to a home, rather than choosing a factory made print and poster just to fill space.
  5. An Original Painting can “make the room”. A painting makes an excellent focal point in your room. Whether you chose bold, graphic or vintage, the painting you choose is bound to have a bold impact in your MLN 603D BrotherBear 36x48 oc
  6. An Original Painting can make a house feel like a home. Most often when you purchase an original painting you pick it because it has some meaning to you.  Placing it and seeing it in your space gives you a feeling of comfort.
  7. Original Paintings refresh your spirit. Looking at an original painting can be a gift of daily inspiration.  Why not save up for a painting you adore?
  8. Collecting Original Paintings. Once you have found a certain type of art or artist that you enjoy you can start your own collection.  We have quite an outstanding group of local artist’s work available at Think Art Gallery as well as many pieces that work together to create a cohesive living space.

HAL CS 180809 Mastery 22x30 mp HAL CS 181162 Signs 26x26 mp


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