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Featured Artist: Liz Farrell


”I like to think that my art is a reflection of my love of color, shape and texture combined with the sense of the world around me”. Liz Farrell

From an early age, Liz Farrellknew that her true passion in life would be art. She grew up drawing, painting and studying, eventually earning a BA in Visual Design from Auburn University and an honorary degree from The Universite per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy.

Farrell works mainly in liquid acrylics adding various acrylic mediums for texture. She always has a spray bottle of water close by to add to the fluidity. “I love how the paint, water and textural elements combine to create interesting patterns and colors…almost with a life of its’ own.” Her subject matter ranges from landscapes to figuratives to contemporary abstracts. Her unique pieces can also be seen on various TV productions such as The Good Wife, Law and Order, Sons of Anarchy and Scandal.

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