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Featured Artist Heidi McQuary


Heidi McQuary

Born and raised in southern California, Heidi McQuary’s love of art developed at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Heidi loved creating art and could often be found at her art table surrounded by paper, pencils, paint, glue, and glitter. After high school, Heidi moved to the Pacific Northwest where she attended community college and continued taking art classes to further develop her artistic skills.

In 2012, Heidi serendipitously discovered the Milan Art Institute in Queen Creek, AZ where she started taking classes. First it was collaging, then drawing, and finally, her true love, painting. Heidi’s life forever changed learning the science behind oil painting and the use of mixed-media. Combining old techniques with new, Heidi says she is in constant pursuit to develop her talent, challenging herself by using multiple mediums and techniques.

Arizona’s beautiful skies and landscapes are the source and inspiration for many of Heidi’s paintings. She also enjoys painting figures and portraits.

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