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Leah Rei

Leah Rei

Born in Colorado, Leah moved to Arizona along with her family at a young age. Creativity and craftsmanship were always encouraged and fostered by her family. At an early age her mother taught her how to sew and embroider which sparked a need in Leah to constantly be creating. She has fond memories of coloring and making collages sprawled out on the grass in the front yard at her childhood home.

Leah attended Arizona State University on an academic scholarship choosing to major in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting. While studying in the arts she was exposed to many different areas of concentration. Always hungry for more Leah took as many classes as possible to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, fibers and ceramics. This is where she learned that she was truly excited by working with integrated techniques and mixed media. She graduated with honors in 2009.

She finds a great deal of inspiration in nature and is often drawn to creating works that honor this. When in need of a muse, Leah takes to the trails and hikes to clear her mind and refocus. Working mostly in fluid acrylics, her art is an exploration of color, light and texture with the desire to represent all that inspires her with a sophisticated and thoughtful touch.

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