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Joel Holsinger

Joel Holsinger

Joel David Holsinger, A native of Dayton, Ohio, has been painting and drawing prolifically since early childhood. At age eighteen, after being named a Scholastic Arts award-winning portfolio finalist, he studied Painting and Graphic Design at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on a full-tuition, Gibson Greetings Foundation Scholarship Award and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1996. Holsinger went on to work as a graphic designer for the Campbell-Hausfeld Corporation and later for Ohio’s Cedarville University. He also taught Art for a year at the high school level, after which Holsinger moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he began painting full-time as a professional fine artist in 1998. Today, a well-established and prolific artist, Holsinger paints from his Holsinger Fine Art & Design home studio where he continues to develop and refine his distinctive artistic vocabulary and style, demonstrating a remarkable versatility in both abstract and traditional, representational painting.

The foundation of Holsinger’s work is philosophical and biblically spiritual. His paintings and drawings, whether abstract or traditional, are inspired by principles of timeless truth, beauty, wisdom and love. Many of Holsinger’s subjects and artistic sensibilities are drawn from waterscapes, landscapes, architecture, jazz and classical music, classical literature, and world history, at times synthesized with various contemporary influences. “My artistic inspiration,” says Holsinger, “emanates principally from sheer delight in our Creator and the various details, elements, and observations of His creation. My artistic style involves attention to detail, an emphasis on visual texture, and the propensity to layer color to achieve a rich, weathered patina – and a look beneath the surface.”

Using a variety of media, he prefers to work principally in acrylic, watercolor, oil, as well as some mixed media. Continually exploring the possibilities of various media, Holsinger works with multiple layering techniques. His creative process combines a balance of planning and spontaneity. He particularly admires the works of Vermeer, Rembrandt, Raphael, da Vinci, Caravaggio, Rubens, Church, Moran, and J.M.W. Turner. He continues to delight in studying, learning, exploring and discovering new insights as an artist, always looking forward to his next painting.

Syntactic Transition 2, 40×53 canvas

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