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Jay Florette

Jay Florette

Florette was born in Kawasaki, Japan, and although she grew up a world away in Los Angeles, California, the richness and exoticism of the Eastern culture lingers in her thoughts. She remembers a special moment from her early childhood when her family still lived in Japan. They attended a traditional summer festival, with dazzling fireworks, brightly colored kimonos and a seemingly endless assortment of beautifully painted masks, delicate hand-designed crafts and children’s toys on display.

That delicacy of design and color informs her current work, be it an abstract or a landscape. She finds inspiration in the beautiful desert environment of Arizona, where she currently resides.

Florette graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from California State University. Her artistic career has included children’s book illustration, commissioned designer artwork and commercial fine art for large scale projects.

When she is not painting, Florette finds music and travel stimulating and a great source of exciting new ideas. “I like art for the same reasons I like music and travel … the sensory experience of something new and beautiful.” The sensory theme is consistent in her current work.

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