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Erin Lofton

Erin Lofton

Erin Lofton is a mixed media painter residing in the vortex town of Sedona AZ. She was raised in the culturally stimulating community of Hyde Park in Chicago, IL. She studied fashion design, painting and sculpture at Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and Arizona State University. She spent many years traveling the U.S. and Hawaii, settling for periods of time in powerful and beautiful places like Mt. Shasta, Idyllwild, an Ashram in the Sierra Nevada mountains; Maui; southern Vermont and a solo RV journey through Montana.

“My paintings are a reflection of my experiences in nature, passion and in meditation. I am inspired by the textures and movement of the natural world and the visions in silence and dreams. I translate the wild energies of Life Force and also the calmer, deep essence of Vision with my use of line and form. I hope to inspire the interested viewer with the urge to contemplate the Divine energy moving through all things, the flow of being, otherwise understood as Tao.”

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