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Claudia Isabel Rodriguez

Claudia Isabel Rodriguez

Born in Mexicali Baja California Mexico; Claudia is what people in Mexico call “un estushe de monerias”…. “A box of wonders” or “A person of many talents”. Painting is just one of those talents. She says she is still growing into it, like a kid grows into his favorite pajamas.

Claudia always had an inclination towards earth and water. As a child, she use to wonder if we shower with water- why can’t we shower with dirt? How they mixed and how they separate to stand alone. She explores with different mediums and how they can work with each other…she calls it “let’s see if they can play nice”. She uses conventional mediums like acrylic paint and water, as well as paper, canvas charcoal and chalk. She does push the envelope with anything from iridescent powders and alcohol to wood varnish and wax.

Her art composition shows mixture as it happens, movement at a standstill creating a mood. Layer after layer of different medium gives her art volume and richness. Uncontrolled elements creating feelings, and causing emotions.

Claudia currently lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and two children.

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