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Charles Berry

Charles Berry

“I’ve always had an affinity for nature. We’re endowed as the protectors of this paradise we live in, and hopefully, I can stir things up and awaken people with this art.”

With eye-catching and conscious raising in equal measure, Berry’s artworks range from impressionistic landscapes to faithful depictions of animals in the wild.

Born in Missouri and reared in Detroit, he became interested in art at an early age. After successful careers as a corporate marketing and advertising executive and a graphic arts entrepreneur, he turned to painting full time.

His paintings capture a rare sense of immediacy and intimacy. “I try to draw people right inside the picture and make them feel as if they are actually there. If it is a painting of an animal, I want the viewer to feel like they can reach out and touch it; if it’s a landscape, they should feel like they can pick the flowers.”

Exhibitions, Honors & Commissions

Former award winning marketing and advertising executive
Animal portfolio accepted for the Bio Diversity Exhibit at the New York Museum of Natural History

Tuscan Village 2, 20×16 paper

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