Refreshing your Artwork

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At Think Art Gallery we have clients that ask about what their options are for refreshing their current artwork including re-framing. There are a number of things you can do to work with the existing art you have to make it stand out more, create a visual punch, look bigger and more impressive. We think that “It’s all in the presentation”.


Reframe it bigger:
Think Art Gallery not only carries a large selection of Original Art, we also have an award-winning frame shop with a group of fine framing experts to help you with ideas on the best way to present your art. If you have a small piece of art you love, but wish it was a little larger, you can expand both the mat and frame to create the “Wow” factor in your room. Likewise, if you have a stretched canvas piece of artwork, you may want to consider adding a frame to create a substantial visual impact.

Select a new frame:
Another framing option would be to update your favorite art piece(s) to make a considerable change to your look. If the style of your house changes it does not necessarily mean your artwork needs to change, it could be the right time to change your frame style. Think Art Gallery has hundreds of frames as well as a large example of framed art hanging on our walls that are designed by our professional framers. Come by and take a look, bring your art and we will help you find a new look to match your style.

Combine it with more art, sculptures or vases:
It’s an idea that’s timeless because of its effectiveness: When you want to make one piece of art seem more powerful and dominant simply combine it with more art or other design elements to create one large gallery wall. Bring your art with you or take a photo of your art wall and we can help you pick other pieces that will compliment what you have. At Think Art Gallery we also represent artists who create sculptures, unique glass vases and dimensional wall art that can be combined with your current art.

Art Doesn’t Have to Match the Couch

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Starting an original Art collection for your home should reflect a sense of your personality and deeper emotions and not necessarily “Match the Couch”. Searching for the right piece and the right place for it, can be intimidating, however, your friends at Think Art Gallery believe that choosing the right piece should be about you, not the space.

Once you begin your search for Art, pinpoint pieces that mean something to you, not simply choose decor to fill wall space. Try to make the Art the inspiration point for a whole room’s color palette and material choices. Also utilizing a combination of paintings, photographs and sculptures collected over time and travels can weave a layered tapestry about one’s interests and aesthetic.

If you need inspiration and help with choosing the Art that is right for your space, please visit us at Think Art Gallery where we have thousands of pieces of Art ranging in style from abstracts to westerns. With our large selection of inventory we will help you find that special piece that fits your personality and not necessarily your couch.


New Artist: Martina Lomas

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LOM-512A-M-KevinHahwaheWarrior-20x16-abWe are so thrilled to introduce our newest artist, Martina Lomas. Martina resides in Scottsdale and is a juried member of the Arizona Artist’s Guild. Her spectacular detail that is captured in her artwork has won numerous awards in competitions throughout Arizona. Martina’s true passion is portraiture and she is more than happy to paint a commission portrait for any of our clients.

“My desire to capture realism through varied techniques as well as exploring new ideas is my passion. I want the viewer to feel the expression of a person’s face, the strength of their personality, and the intensity of their lives. Evoking a pleasant emotional memory and fulfilling the viewer’s senses through my work would be the ultimate accomplishment for me.” Martina Lomas

Please enjoy her latest works of art that are currently on display at the gallery:
Click on any image for a full size view. 

Gallery Wall How To

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gallery-wall-howto-03So you want to hang a “Gallery Wall” of family photos or you have several special pieces of art that you have collected from your travels. You have selected the wall and you are inspired by photos you have seen in magazines or on Pinterest. Now how do you do it without putting 40 holes in your wall or drive your spouse crazy?!


Measure your wall area that you want to use. Make a paper template of that size using craft paper and tape it together with blue painter’s tape. Lay it on the floor near your wall area.

Play with your artwork and move it around until you find a pleasing arrangement that is well balanced. Start with the largest pieces and fill in with the smaller ones. Once you like it, take a photo so you have a reference. Then carefully trace around each piece of artwork and mark where the nail holes for each frame should go.

Tape the paper on the wall exactly where you want the gallery wall to be, making sure it is level. Then hammer your nails into your nail hole marks and tear the paper away!

Hang all of your artwork on the wall using your photo as a guide. Woohoo…time to admire your handy work with a glass of wine!




Featured Artist: Heather Judge

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JUD-511A-Alderman-40x40-mc“Like the great Matisse, I too ‘paint with scissors’.”
Heather Judge

Heather creates mixed media collage paintings that transport outside elements to interior spaces. She uses texture to build a surface that is structural, atmospheric and tactile. Heather collects fine art papers from around the world that are cut and layered within her paintings like a tapestry. She combines sophisticated color palettes with botanical undertones to create paintings that are whimsical and charming.


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