Featured Artist Leah Rei

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Born in Colorado, Leah moved to Arizona along with her family at a young age. Creativity and craftsmanship were always encouraged and fostered by her family. At an early age her mother taught her how to sew and embroider which sparked a need in Leah to constantly be creating. She has fond memories of coloring and making collages sprawled out on the grass in the front yard at her childhood home.

Leah attended Arizona State University on an academic scholarship choosing to major in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting. While studying in the arts she was exposed to many different areas of concentration. Always hungry for more Leah took as many classes as possible to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, fibers and ceramics. This is where she learned that she was truly excited by working with integrated techniques and mixed media. She graduated with honors in 2009.

She finds a great deal of inspiration in nature and is often drawn to creating works that honor this. When in need of a muse, Leah takes to the trails and hikes to clear her mind and refocus. Working mostly in fluid acrylics, her art is an exploration of color, light and texture with the desire to represent all that inspires her with a sophisticated and thoughtful touch.

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Featured Artist Heidi McQuary

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Heidi McQuary

Born and raised in southern California, Heidi McQuary’s love of art developed at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Heidi loved creating art and could often be found at her art table surrounded by paper, pencils, paint, glue, and glitter. After high school, Heidi moved to the Pacific Northwest where she attended community college and continued taking art classes to further develop her artistic skills.

In 2012, Heidi serendipitously discovered the Milan Art Institute in Queen Creek, AZ where she started taking classes. First it was collaging, then drawing, and finally, her true love, painting. Heidi’s life forever changed learning the science behind oil painting and the use of mixed-media. Combining old techniques with new, Heidi says she is in constant pursuit to develop her talent, challenging herself by using multiple mediums and techniques.

Arizona’s beautiful skies and landscapes are the source and inspiration for many of Heidi’s paintings. She also enjoys painting figures and portraits.

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Featured Artist – Alexandra Reid

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Alexandra Reid, raised in Sedona Arizona, was fascinated by the colors and textures of the rich natural environment that surrounded her. She uses a textured and distressed style of painting that often reflects rock striations in vivid or exaggerated color. By focusing on abstracted figures and landscapes, Reid strives to illicit active viewership to forge a transcendent relationship between viewer and art work. Alexandra Reid is represented exclusively at Think Art Gallery.

REI-512A-Sedona-50x50-mc REI-604A-Palms1-24x20-mc

Eric Waugh – Featured Artist

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Eric Waugh was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1963. He gained experience in the fields of graphic illustration and product design before turning to painting in 1988. Waugh’s paintings are energetic, graceful and full of dynamic tension. Each painting begins with a clear and detailed image in his mind and springs onto canvas with a deep thematic vibrancy. He uses points of union to harmonize the ethereal colors and images of each piece into a unified rhythmical composition.

Waugh works in two interchangeable interpretations of abstract and figurative forms. These forms are related in color and structure. He works primarily with acrylic-based mixed media.

Waugh’s work is always evolving and he is constantly creating new and exciting motifs. Think Art has recently added several new pieces of Waugh’s collection and the art is now available at the gallery.

WAU-CS-603D-MyPassion-24x24-ac-846x846 WAU-603E-GirlsGotTheBeat-30x30-ac-846x846

Featured Artist: Liz Farrell

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”I like to think that my art is a reflection of my love of color, shape and texture combined with the sense of the world around me”. Liz Farrell

From an early age, Liz Farrellknew that her true passion in life would be art. She grew up drawing, painting and studying, eventually earning a BA in Visual Design from Auburn University and an honorary degree from The Universite per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy.

Farrell works mainly in liquid acrylics adding various acrylic mediums for texture. She always has a spray bottle of water close by to add to the fluidity. “I love how the paint, water and textural elements combine to create interesting patterns and colors…almost with a life of its’ own.” Her subject matter ranges from landscapes to figuratives to contemporary abstracts. Her unique pieces can also be seen on various TV productions such as The Good Wife, Law and Order, Sons of Anarchy and Scandal.

DOU-501A-StainedGlass-44x64-cDOU-502A-Threads-40x50-c DOU-601E-LoneOak-30x60-mc-846x434


Refreshing your Artwork

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At Think Art Gallery we have clients that ask about what their options are for refreshing their current artwork including re-framing. There are a number of things you can do to work with the existing art you have to make it stand out more, create a visual punch, look bigger and more impressive. We think that “It’s all in the presentation”.


Reframe it bigger:
Think Art Gallery not only carries a large selection of Original Art, we also have an award-winning frame shop with a group of fine framing experts to help you with ideas on the best way to present your art. If you have a small piece of art you love, but wish it was a little larger, you can expand both the mat and frame to create the “Wow” factor in your room. Likewise, if you have a stretched canvas piece of artwork, you may want to consider adding a frame to create a substantial visual impact.

Select a new frame:
Another framing option would be to update your favorite art piece(s) to make a considerable change to your look. If the style of your house changes it does not necessarily mean your artwork needs to change, it could be the right time to change your frame style. Think Art Gallery has hundreds of frames as well as a large example of framed art hanging on our walls that are designed by our professional framers. Come by and take a look, bring your art and we will help you find a new look to match your style.

Combine it with more art, sculptures or vases:
It’s an idea that’s timeless because of its effectiveness: When you want to make one piece of art seem more powerful and dominant simply combine it with more art or other design elements to create one large gallery wall. Bring your art with you or take a photo of your art wall and we can help you pick other pieces that will compliment what you have. At Think Art Gallery we also represent artists who create sculptures, unique glass vases and dimensional wall art that can be combined with your current art.

Art Doesn’t Have to Match the Couch

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Starting an original Art collection for your home should reflect a sense of your personality and deeper emotions and not necessarily “Match the Couch”. Searching for the right piece and the right place for it, can be intimidating, however, your friends at Think Art Gallery believe that choosing the right piece should be about you, not the space.

Once you begin your search for Art, pinpoint pieces that mean something to you, not simply choose decor to fill wall space. Try to make the Art the inspiration point for a whole room’s color palette and material choices. Also utilizing a combination of paintings, photographs and sculptures collected over time and travels can weave a layered tapestry about one’s interests and aesthetic.

If you need inspiration and help with choosing the Art that is right for your space, please visit us at Think Art Gallery where we have thousands of pieces of Art ranging in style from abstracts to westerns. With our large selection of inventory we will help you find that special piece that fits your personality and not necessarily your couch.