Anna Carson – Featured Artist

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Anna Carson is a self-taught, abstract expressionist artist living and working in Arizona. She loves the freedom of abstract art because it often allows the viewer to see the image with their heart rather than just their eyes. Anna believes one’s personal journey and history is the most powerful aspect of a person. Because of this, her desire as an abstract artist is to pull the viewer’s own story into the canvas as they see it with their own eyes.

Anna Carlson was born and raised in Poland. At a very young age, her gift and passion for art was evident. Her elementary school teacher would often take her to galleries and encourage her to pursue a career in art. But the communist climate of Poland did not allow for someone to survive “merely” as an artist, so she decided instead to study business and economics. But the dream in her could not be squelched. It was in the freedom of living in the United States that her childhood dream of becoming an artist was allowed to fully blossom and grow.