Cecilia was born and raised in Mexico City, where she received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and started her own stained glass and sculpture studio in 1981. By 1995, she moved with her husband and four children to Austin, Texas, where she continued with her studio doing extensive commission work for architects, designers, and private clients. There she learned the art of working with copper and fell in love with it. Cecilia feels that copper, which has been mined and used in the Americas for centuries, is a noble and beautiful material.

By applying certain acids, thus accelerating the oxidation, along with controlling temperature and humidity, Cecilia is able to bring out the wonderful natural colors, called patinas.

Recently, Cecilia moved to Scottsdale, where she has been crafting her copper wall pieces. She has participated in numerous single and collective art exhibits in Mexico, the USA and Spain.

In 2007, she had an exhibit at the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix, where she presented her “Ancient Mexico “ collection, inspired by abstract ornamental designs of pre-Columbian seals found in Mexico.

Cecilia has been in the art field for over 25 years, and she continues searching for the beauty she has found in copper. Her enthusiasm for this medium is constant – she is always revealing new ways to enhance her copper works, whether in the design or materials used, her goal is to continue this enthusiasm and keep learning new methods of working.